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SkinO2 AntiAgeing Treatment for Lines, Dullness & Pigmentation 90 minutes

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Achieve advanced skin rejuvenation with this professional facial that removes dead skin cells and promotes skin renewal with diamond microdermabrasion, deeply infuses Vitamin's A, C & E with peptides and plant cell extracts, and stimulates cellular energy and turnover with LED light therapy - for outstanding results.

This facial replenishes hydration, firms the skin, promotes collagen growth and cellular renewal, brightens and smooths the skin. This ACE serum protects against ageing/photo damage in the form of pigmentation (freckles, age spots, thickened pigmented skin) and reduces further melanin production to slow down and protect against the recurrence of these skin irregularities.

See beautiful results after only one treatment, or invest in your skin and opt for a series of 3 or 6 treatments to give your skin an anti ageing boost like no other, creating lasting results and a more youthful appearance.

Series of 3 facials are recommended to be done every 7-10 days.

Series of 6 facials are recommended to be done every 10-14 days.

Optional maintenance facials are done once per month after your initial series, to maintain the beautiful results of your treatments.

Facial series packages are paid up front and represent significant savings over time. Every skin is unique, a full skin assessment will be conducted at your first appointment to ensure suitability to this treatment. If you would like some personalised advice before you book, simply email Maree now to find out more.