Advanced Facials - HydraPeel FX Treatment Facial System 40 - 60 minutes

Service variants

Single HydraPeel Facial
$89 BOOK
Double HydraPeel Facial
$129 BOOK


The HydraPeel FX™ Treatment

Introducing a revolutionary non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment that requires no chemicals and no down time!

Using a vortex of concentrated solutions, the HydraPeel FX™ treatment gently and effectively lifts and removes dead skin cells and impurities with gentle suction which aids in lymphatic drainage, increasing the speed of your natural skin detoxification and effectively removing pathogens.

Natural, active ingredients are infused deep into your skin throughout the treatment which increases the effectiveness of the products to achieve the targeted outcomes, and offers prolonged treatment results.

This comfortable and pain-free treatment can be completed in less than 20 minutes on it's own, or performed as part of a more complex facial, as determined between yourself and your skin specialist.

The HydraPeel FX™ treatment is ideally performed weekly over a period of 4 weeks for maximum efficacy. Followed by monthly maintenance treatments if desired. Purchasing a set of 4 treatments in advance provides a 10% discount on service, and one FREE maintenance Enzyme Facial at the end of the sequence. Ask about package deals on the day of your first service.

The Concentrated Solutions

The HydraPeel FX™ solutions allow your skin specialist to target specific skin concerns. There is a concentrated treatment solution and treatment protocol for a variety of skin conditions that may be bothering you. These include the following;

  • Sensitive and irritated skin.
  • Dry and/or thickened skin.
  • Dehydration, uneven skin tone and dullness.
  • Problematic and congested skin with blemishes, blackheads, excess oil or irritations.
  • Pigmented and sun damaged skin.
  • After a comprehensive skin consultation, the best treatment protocol will be prescribed to meet your individual needs.

First Time Client?

Make your appointment now for a complimentary skin assessment and treatment prescription - price will depend on treatment needs and will be confirmed at this first appointment.

First facial can be performed on the first visit once a treatment plan is established and agreed upon. (Please allow up to 60 mins for your first visit.)

Rest assured that our concentrated HydraPeel FX™ solutions & professional treatment products are 100% natural. Containing no animal by-products, harmful chemicals, SLS, parabens or artificial fragrance and colours.